Jenny Andersson

Jenny Andersson is Co-Director of MaxPo, a CNRS Research Professor (section 40, Politique, pouvoir, organisation), and Principal Investigator of the Futurepol Project, which was funded by an ERC Starting Grant of 1,350,000 Euros in 2012. She joined the CNRS and Sciences po in 2009 after several visiting and post-doctoral fellowships at the European University Institute, Florence, and at the Center for European Studies, Harvard University. She holds a PhD in Economic History from Uppsala University (2003). Her researches focus on the history of future research, prediction, futurology and futures studies in the global field, and investigates the circulation and constitution of future expertise in the post war period, and the role of prediction as a source of governmentality. She recently published The Future of the World. Futurology, Futurologists, and thr Struggle for the Post-Cold War Imagination (Oxford University Press, 2018).

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