Jeanne Lazarus

Jeanne Lazarus is a tenured CNRS research fellow at the CSO in Sciences-Po (Paris). Her research has focused on relationships between bankers and customers in French retail banks. She published L’Epreuve de l’argent in 2012, and edited several special issues on banking, credit and money management. The latest was co-edited with Mariana Luzzi, L’argent domestique : des pratiques aux institutions. Jeanne has also conducted research on the sociology of money and the consumption and monetary practices of the impoverished. She is currently studying finance the ways in which public policy structures household finances and conceives of the protection of populations deemed to be at risk of financial insecurity, due to precarious employment and the withdrawal of social welfare provisions.

Trained in French pragmatic sociology, with a strong interest on sociology of moral issues and modes of valuation applied to banking issues, Jeanne seeks to discuss this tradition with the Zelizerian approach to money and also with the social studies of finance and political sciences.

Jeanne is very involved in international discussions with young researchers, in order to develop a perspective on financialization that compares different institutional and economical contexts but also bundles micro and macro levels.

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