Javier Baquero

Javier Baquero is a postdoctoral researcher in Economics at Autonomous University of Madrid, where he is also part of the teaching staff. He has received his PhD from the Autonomous University of Madrid in March 2022. He also was a visitor researcher at Salerno University (Italy).

His research focuses on labor economics, education and socioeconomics, specifically, he studies the job placement process for university graduates in the European Union. He has published several articles in international scientific journals and, in the same way, he has presented different papers at relevant international conferences. He participated as editor of the book Dialogues on Socioeconomics: Informality in Latin America, which analyzes the problem of informality in the labor market in the Latin American region, integrating the different points of view of several authors. He is also member of Labor Socioeconomic Research Team (UAM) since 2018.

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