Gale Raj-Reichert

Gale Raj-Reichert is a Lecturer in Economic Geography in the School of Geography at Queen Mary University of London.

Her research interests are on labour governance in the electronics industry global value chain/global production networks. Gale’s research has focused on the US, EU, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. Her current research interests are on how socially responsible public procurement and labour standards in trade agreements affects labour conditions in global value chain/global production networks. She is currently a recipient of a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award on a project on ‘Improving Labour Conditions in Global Production Networks through Socially Responsible Public Procurement’. From 2019 to 2020 she will be a Principal Investigator at the Berlin Social Science Center for a project funded by German Research Fund on ‘Labour governance in global production networks: Assessing labour standards in a new generation of public procurement legislation and trade agreements linked to market access in the European Union’.

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