Franklin Obeng-Odoom

Franklin Obeng-Odoom is Associate Professor at the University of Helsinki. His research, centred on the political economy of cities, natural resources, and development,  is published in over 100 journal articles and 5 books,  which seek to advance social economics. Obeng-Odoom is Associate Editor of the Forum for Social Economics, Editor of African Review of Economics and Finance, and Series Editor of Edinburgh Studies in Urban Political Economy.

The recipient of a number of reputable research awards, Obeng-Odoom was named a Dan David Prize Scholar in 2010, a World Social Science Fellow in 2013 and, in 2015, was elected to the Fellowship of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, becoming the youngest Fellow of the oldest learned society in postcolonial Africa. Dr. Franklin Obeng-Odoom received the Patrick J. Welch Award from the Association for Social Economics in 2016 and the 2017 Kapp Prize for research that exemplifies the work of K.W. Kapp and best demonstrates the theoretical perspectives of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy.

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