Francesco Laruffa

Francesco Laruffa is since August 2016 Research Fellow at the University of Geneva, where he works on the EU-funded RE-InVEST project. In Geneva he is also member of the research network LIVES and of the Center for the study of capabilities in social and health services (CESCAP). Before coming to Geneva he was from 2013 to 2016 Research Fellow at the Humboldt University in Berlin, where he worked on the project Saisir l’Europe. He has also been visiting scholar at the International Research Centre for Ethical and Social Issues (IFZ) in Salzburg. His research interests include the interplay between theories of social justice and welfare reform, the relationships between economic inequality and democracy, theories of democratic citizenship (especially neo-republicanism, deliberative democracy and radical democracy), neo-liberalism, and critical theory. Recent publications include: “Towards a Critical Sociology of Democracy: The Potential of the Capability Approach”, Critical Sociology (with Jean-Michel Bonvin and Emilie Rosenstein) – available in open access – and “Work and Inequality Revisited: A Global Socio-Historical Perspective and its Political Implications”, Sociologia del Lavoro (with Hannah Schilling).

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