Etienne Nouguez

Etienne Nouguez is a CNRS researcher at the Center for the Sociology of Organizations (CNRS – Sciences Po Paris). At the crossroads of economic sociology and sociology of health, his research focuses on health markets. These markets are approached as complex social organizations combining regulatory agencies, experts, industrialists, health professionals and consumers. But they are also analyzed as spaces for valuation in which plural and potentially contradictory conceptions of the value of these products are articulated. After a PhD dissertation on the French markets for generic medicines, he studied the politics of medicines prices setting in France. His current research focuses on how European markets are formed for boundary products between food and drugs, with a particular focus on probiotics. He is also involved in a collective research project on the French Medicines Agency. Combining qualitative and quantitative approaches, these researches shed light on the different processes linking health and market values.

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