Edmund Heery

Edmund Heery is Professor of Employment Relations at Cardiff Business School and an expert in UK Industrial Relations, best known for his work on trade unions. He has led projects on union organizing, union responses to contingent work, the changing role of the TUC, the involvement of unions in Amnesty International, and union policy on equal pay and work-life integration. More recently, Edmund has been involved in research on the role of civil society organizations in representing working people and has begun work on new forms of collective action by employers, looking in particular at Employer Forums that promote employer engagement with questions of equality and diversity at work. Edmund has been an advisor to the UK’s central trade union organization, the Trades Union Congress. He has also undertaken research work for Amnesty International UK, ACAS, and the Welsh Government. Among Edmund’s publications are Union Voices: Tactics and Tensions in UK Organizing (Cornell University Press, 2013) (with Mel Simms and Jane Holgate) and Framing Work: Unitary, Pluralist and Critical Analysis in the 21st Century (forthcoming with Oxford University Press).

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