Duncan Snidal

Duncan Snidal is Professor of International Relations at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. His research focuses on problems of international cooperation and institutions–including international law as well as both formal and informal international organizations–with an emphasis on questions of institutional design. Snidal is currently working on “Global New Governance” which examines multi-partner arrangements governing transnational production, as well on the emergence of informal international organizations (such as the Concert of Europe and the G20) as distinctive forms of international governance. He is co-editor of a forthcoming volume on International Organizations as Orchestrators; his recent book on Institutional Choice and Global Commerce examines the evolution of international regimes for trade and commerce as a problem of institutional choice from a bounded rationality perspective that blends rationalist and historical perspectives Snidal is co-editor of International Theory: A Journal of International Politics, Law and Philosophy and of the Oxford Handbook of International Relations.

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