Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay
C: Gender, Work, and Family

Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay is  Director of the Center on Work-Life Articulation over the Lifecourse, and professor of labor economics, innovation, and human resources at the Téluq Université of the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada. She was also appointed Canada Research Chair on the Knowledge Economy  (2002-2016). Her research interests include employment policies, clusters (multimedia, IT, and film sectors) working time and work-life balance, telework,  Coworking, self-employment, work organization, teamwork, and communities of practice. Professor Tremblay has been an active member of SASE for over twenty years, participating in all aspects of the organization. In addition to her work as a network organizer, she has also been a member of the Executive Council and the Local Organizing Committee for Montreal in 1997. “What I appreciate in SASE,” says Tremblay, “is the diversity of issues that are discussed, and the interdisciplinary nature of the debates.”

Over the years, she has been an invited professor at Université de Paris I Sorbonne, Université de Lille I, Université d’Angers, Université de Toulouse, Université de Louvain-la-Neuve, HEC, Université de Liège in Belgium, the University of Social Sciences of Hanoi (Vietnam) and at the European School of Management.

Prof. Tremblay has published articles in many global peer-reviewed journals: Cities, Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, Personnel Review, New Technology, Work and Employment, Innovations, International Journal of Enterprise and Innovation Management, International Journal of Technology Management, Journal of Innovation Economics, International Journal of Innovation and Learning, International Journal of Human Resources Management, Canadian Journal of Urban Research, etc. She has written many books on working time, parental leave, as well as textbooks in labour economics, sociology of work, and work organization.

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