David Vallat

David is an Associate Professor of Economics in Lyon I University (France). His research interests include Knowledge Management (epistemological and managerial approaches: from knowledge as a commons to learning organization) and Collaborative/Sharing Economy. He is interested in collaborative spaces and collaborative communities, in particular maker spaces and maker movements, fab labs, hacker spaces and hacker movements. He is a member and coordinator a of the Research Group on Collaborative Spaces (https://collaborativespacesstudy.wordpress.com). He is on the SASE/Lyon Program Committee, chairs the SASE/Lyon Local Organizing Committee, and is co-organizing a mini-conference “Collaborative Communities, What’s Next?”.

He has recently published (with S Bertezene) : Manager la RSE dans un environnement complexe : le cas du secteur social et médico-social français, éd. EMS, 2015

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