Clemente Ruiz

Head of the Graduate School of Economics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, he is a Macro economist concerned with the broad interplay between economics, politics, and society. He has worked on industrial relations problems (Learning and the limits of foreign partners as teachers 2002) and on development finance (The Paradigm of Growth without Finance 2005), including low-income groups financing (Microfinance: best practices 2003). He has worked on the hypothesis of low value added trap on the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (Economics of Small Businesses 1998) and how the finance trap developed into a global crisis “Financial Innovation in the Global Economy” (2009). Recently he has worked on decent work with ILO, he just published the report on “Best Practices for Decent Work in Mexico” (2012) and he has been working on the restructuring of the State at different levels, the role of developmental state on production and how the structure of government fits the challenges of democracy and local development “Decentralization on Local Development in Latin America” (Barcelona 2011) and “Decentralization and Democracy in Latin America” (to be published by Springer 2013). Ruiz Duran publications include 20 books as well as numerous journal articles.

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