Christian Azaïs

Christian Azaïs is a full professor of Sociology at CNAM Paris and a member of EPN Travail (Equipe pédagogique nationale). He is a Brazilianist and specialist in labour and employment issues. His last publications deal with ‘grey zone’, norms of employment, informality and South North countries comparison. Blurry frontiers, indeterminacy, the prevailing uncertainty in wage-employment relationship are his current main research subjects. Brazil, France, Italy and Mexico have been his main research fields in recent years and nowadays.

He contributed to the ANR project “ZOGRIS” “Evolving Employment Standards and Emerging Forms of Inequality Towards a Comparison of Grey Zones” (2012-2016, Dir. Pr. Donna Kesselman).

He has coordinated a four-year French programme ANR (French Research Agency) on governance and globalisation in four metropolises in Latin America (Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico City and São Paulo). His own research deals with the professionalisation of helicopter pilots and the way a new profession is being built both in Mexico City and in São Paulo. Theoretically, it corresponds to a preoccupation of how employment and labour issues in current capitalism are taken into account while diverse forms of wage-earner relationships are emerging.

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