Chiara Saraceno

Chiara Saraceno was Professor of Sociology at the University of Turin until 2006, when she was appointed Research Professor at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung for five years. She now lives in Turin, where she is honorary fellow at the Collegio Carlo Alberto. Her research topics concern comparative family, gender and intergenerational arrangements, comparative social policies, social inequalities and poverty.

Among her recent publications are: Conciliare famiglia e lavoro (with Manuela Naldini), Il Mulino 2011; “Towards an integrated approach for the analysis of gender equity in policies supporting paid work and care responsibilities” (with W. Keck), Demographic Research, Vol. 25, 11, 2011; “Social inequalities in facing old-age dependency: a bi-generational perspective”, Journal of European Social Policy, 20, 1, 2010 “Can we identify intergenerational policy regimes in Europe?” (with W. Keck), European Societies, 12(5), 2010; (ed.) Families, ageing and social policies, Edward Elgar 2008.

Together with J. Lewis and A. Leira, she has introduced and edited the collection Families and family policies, Edward Elgar 2012.

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