Benoît Cret

Benoit Cret is Associate Professor of Sociology, Associate Director in charge of Research in IFROSS (Université Jean-Moulin Lyon 3), and Research Fellow at the CSO (IEP Paris-CNRS).

He received his PhD from IEP Paris (2007) before joining Université Jean-Moulin Lyon 3 in 2010. His research deals with competition between non-lucrative organizations, focusing on its organizational and religious basis. Theoretical framework includes organizational and market sociology, as well as the history of sociological thought. Fieldwork includes the Disability, the Health Care and the Higher Education sector.

His first research dealt with the impact of the opportunistic creation and implementation of accreditations by the directors of Business Schools on the competition’s morphology. Building on collective contracts, he then showed that the competition’s morphology in the Disability sector is progressively stabilizing.

He thus highlights that competition can be understood as a category for analysis, which helps understand why it is not specific to the lucrative sector. Such a stand implies to study the reciprocal link between morphology and competition, the equilibrium between competition and cooperation and the origin of such a category of thinking.

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