Antonio Botelho
Network B: Globalization and Socio-Economic Development

Antonio José Junqueira Botelho is Full Professor of the Graduate Program in Political Sociology at IUPERJ Universidade Candido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is a co-organizer for Network B: Globalization and Socio-Economic Development and a member of the SASE Network Organizer Forum. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he was a co-organizer of the Comparative Political Economy Webinar Series 2020/2022: Asia, which held a dozen events to engage the dialogue between Latin America and Asia.

            Research interests include comparative political economy; collaborative upgrading, and innovation in emerging country supply chains; upgrading for energy transition in the global O&G industry supply chain industry; technological entrepreneurship; and human resources and innovation program monitoring and evaluation. He is a PI in the projects “The politics of green transition in electric transport and energy in Brazil and Mexico: State, institutional arrangements and coalitions,” funded by CNPq (Brazil) and “Evaluation, Monitoring and Training under the PDDE and Aggregate Actions,” funded by the FNDE (Brazil). He was a co-coordinator of “Floating the Energy Value Chain in East Asia: Collaboration for Innovation in the Adaptation of the Oil and Gas Supply Chain to Zero Carbon” and “Creating Value in the Ocean Industry: State Roles in Development, Innovation and Upgrading of Offshore Oil and Gas and Shipbuilding (Maritime Engineering and Construction) Supply Chains in East Asia,” both funded by IDE-JETRO (Japan); and PI of “The Norwegian oil and gas supply industry in hard times: Innovation in global supply chains” funded by PETROMAKS2-National Research Council (Norway) and “Institutional determinants of the industrial innovation process in Brazil and lessons from the German experience,” funded by CAPES (Brazil)/DAAD (Germany).” Other completed projects include: “The developmental State reloaded: Brazilian industrial policy in the 21st century” and “Evaluation of Market Strategies of Semiconductor Design Houses.”

            Recent publications include “Dreaming of Moonshots and the middle-income trap,” Socio-Economic Review, v. 30, p. 1507-1509, 2022; Germany’s Innovation Manufacturing: A Path to Knowledge-Intensive Economy” (co-authors M.V. Balestro and J. De Toni), Revista Pós-Ciencias Sociais, v. 18, p. 333-353, 2021; “In search of developmental capitalism institutions” (co-author M.V. Balestro), Revista Brasileira de Sociologia, v. 9, p. 45-74, 2021; “Global Interdependence, Energy Security and Domestic Industrial Development: Japan Foreign Oil Relations with Brazil,” Latin America Ronshu, v. 53, p. 1-28, 2020;  “Ideas, leadership, and the crafting of alternative industrial policies: Local content requirements for the Brazilian oil and gas sector” (co-author Yuri Kasahara), Comparative Politics, v. 51, p. 385-405, 2019; “Business Modeling and Public Policy in High-Tech Industries: Exploratory Evidences from Two Brazilian Semiconductor Support Programs (co-author Alex da Silva Alves), International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management 15 (4), 2018 (DOI: 10.1142/S0219877018500311); “Governing the Urban Commons: Experimentalist Governance for Resilient Climate Co-Benefits Regime in Asian Mega Cities” in Farzaneh, H., editor, Devising a Clean Energy Strategy for Asian Cities. Singapore: Springer Nature, 2018; and “Norwegian suppliers in Brazil” (co-authors Helge Ryggvik, Ole Andreas Engen) in Thune, T., Engen, O.A. & Wicken, O., editors, Petroleum Industry Transformations: Lessons from Norway and Beyond. Routledge, 2018.

            He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from MIT, where he was associated with the Program in Science, Technology & Society; graduate degrees from Cornell University and Université Paris IV and was a National Science Foundation (US) Postdoctoral Minority Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University. He sits on the Editorial Board of Green and Low-Carbon Economy, The Journal of Information Technologies and International Development, Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, and Science, Technology and Society.

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