Antonio Botelho

Antonio José Junqueira Botelho is Full Professor, Graduate Program in Political Sociology at IUPERJ, Universidade Candido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has previously worked at PUC Rio and US and Norwegian universities. Nowadays, he is also Visiting Researcher with the ‘GLOBOIL Project’ at the Department of Technology, Innovation and Culture, University of Oslo, Norway, and Research Director of ‘Resetting GVC governance in the oil and gas sector in East Asia Project’ at IDE-JETRO, Tokyo, Japan. Recently he was a Visiting Professor at Sophia University, Tokyo, and Visiting Researcher at Kyoto University, Japan. He has been long interested in the study comparative development and capitalism, particularly the politics of innovation and high-tech sectors (aeronautics, semiconductors, computers, software, mobiles, oil and gas, and renewables) having done research in Brazil, France, and Japan. His current research deals with industrial upgrading and development in natural resources and globalization and supply chain reorganization in the oil and gas industry in Brazil, Norway, and Asia. Botelho has published widely on technological change, innovation and industrial transformation in Europe, Brazil, and Japan over a range of disciplines, including history of science, technology and innovation, political sociology, business strategy and history, developmental studies, and comparative political economy (recent publications appeared in Journal of Latin America-Journal of the Japanese Society of Social Studies on Latin America JSLAComparative Politics, and International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management). His work combines archival historical research, ethnography, and interview-based case studies with theoretical concerns for the nature and sustainability of industrial sectors in shaping developmental trajectories and national industrial structures. Botelho holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from MIT, graduate degrees from Cornell University and Université Paris IV, and was National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Minority Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University. He is on the Editorial Board of The Journal of Information Technologies and International Development, Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, and Science, Technology and Society.

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