Anna-Riikka Kauppinen

Anna-Riikka Kauppinen is a Research Associate in the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, where she is part of Max Planck Cambridge Centre for Ethics, Economy and Social Change. Her doctoral research (London School of Economics, 2018) was a study of professionalism, career pursuits, and emerging audit cultures in Ghana’s capital Accra. She has previously written about Ghanaian middle-class attitudes to taxation and state efforts to ‘widen the tax-net’ to the urban informal sector. As a post-doctoral Research Associate in Cambridge, she is currently researching Ghana’s 2017-2019 banking crisis with a focus on the moral debates of accountability and economic sovereignty. Anna-Riikka also sustains a broader interest in the economic influence of Charismatic Pentecostal churches in West Africa and their role in the urban financial eco-system.

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