Angelo Salento

Angelo Salento is assistant professor of Sociology in the University of Salento (Lecce – Italy), where he teaches Sociological analysis of development. He graduated summa cum laude in Jurisprudence in the University of Bologna, and received the PhD in Sociology of law in the University of Milan. He has also been teaching Organisational theory, Contemporary social theory and Sociology of law. His research deals with social theory, the regulation of economy, local development, the transformation of labour law, the financialisation of economy and companies. He has written four books (on the transformation of labour law, on Pierre Bourdieu’s social theory, on the financialisation of companies in Italy) and about 30 papers and book chapters. In 2014 he has been fellow researcher in the CRESC, Manchester University. He’s currently coordinating a research programme on the foundational economy in Italy.

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