Anette Broløs

Anette Broløs is an independent FinTech analyst and experienced network leader working with strategic innovation and partnerships. Anette holds an industrial PhD in collaborative innovation and has a background in economics (Master and e-MBA). She is the author of “The Future of Money”, a chapter in The Book of Payments: Historical and Contemporary views on the Cashless Economy, (Batiz-Lazo, B. and Efthymiou, L [eds.], 2016, Palgrave). Anette has extensive work experience in finance, including six years as CEO at Copenhagen FinTech Innovation and Research. She is also a frequent judge in entrepreneurial competitions. Anette is an external examiner and served six years at the Danish Industrial PhD Committee.  She is also a co-lead of the research programme of the European Women Payments Network (EWPN).