Ana Viñas Apaolaza
M: Spanish Language

Ana Viñas Apaolaza is Professor of Economics at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Her main lines of research revolve around economic analysis and labor economics, as shown by her numerous contributions to national and international conferences and publications. She is a member of the UAM’s Socio-Economics of Labor research group SET-LASE.

During her first pre-doctoral period, Prof. Viñas worked in the field of the economics of innovation and economic growth, and regional technology policies. Her predoctoral participation in two research projects financed by the European Commission stands out, as well as the results of such research through the publication of articles and book chapters in prestigious journals and publishers.

After the presentation of her doctoral thesis, she entered the labor market, first as head of a technological diffusion center of the Community of Madrid and in 2005 as economist of the Research Service of the UGT Union, marking her specialization in the area of labor market and employment policies.

At the same time, in 2004, she joined the European University of Madrid as assistant professor, developing her teaching work in this University until 2021. Since 2016 she has also collaborated with other universities, where she teaches postgraduate courses.

During this stage, she has participated in a project of the State Program for Research, Development and Innovation oriented to the Challenges of Society and in international congresses, and has published articles, book chapters, and books, and received the Accésit of the III José Luis Sampedro Award at the XII Meeting of World Economy, SEM in 2010.

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