Alexander Ebner

Alexander Ebner is Professor of Political Economy and Economic Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt. Previously, he was Associate Professor of Political Economy at Jacobs University Bremen and Assistant Professor at the Chair of Public Finance and Fiscal Sociology at University Erfurt. Following his studies of economics, political science and sociology he obtained a doctorate in economics at Goethe University Frankfurt (summa cum laude). His habilitation was granted by the Faculty of the Sciences of the State at University Erfurt. International research appointments have included University of California at Berkeley, Latvian University Riga, and the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore. His research is primarily concerned with the institutional dynamics of capitalist development, involving the matter of entrepreneurship, innovation and economic policy, paralleled by an interest in the history of economic and social theory. Corresponding publications involve papers in journals such as Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, and Journal of the History of Economic Thought. He has edited and co-edited various volumes, including “The Institutions of the Market: Organisations, Social Systems, and Governance“ with Oxford University Press.

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