Adriana Mica

Adriana Mica is Assistant Professor and head of the Research Unit on Action and Consequences at the Institute of Social Prevention and Resocialisation, University of Warsaw. Her research interests include sociology of possibility and ignorance, critical failure studies, theory of randomness, unintended consequences, and crisis management. She is the co-author of Ignorance and Change: Anticipatory Knowledge and the European Union Crisis (2021) and author of Sociology as Analysis of the Unintended: From the Problem of Ignorance to the Discovery of the Possible (2018). She is currently working on a co-authored book (with Paweł Kubicki and Mikołaj Pawlak) articulating a critical theory of policy failure in relation to contingency, epistemology and randomness — Contingency and failure: Epistemology and randomness of public policymaking. She researches randomness and reveals to what extent public policymaking is governed by improvisations that are not only adaptive and creative, but also often chaotic and non-smart. She argues that randomness is the result not only of outside and unexpected forces, but also of the politicization and instrumentalization of policymaking. Drawing on various examples from disability, abortion and migratory policies at global level, and in Poland in particular, she shows how the future of public policy research is in delivering a more explicit normative and critical message.

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