Abdullah Turkistani

Abdullah Turkistani is the dean of the Islamic Economics Institute (IEI) since in 2011, and was the director of the Islamic Economics Research Center (IERC) 2007-2011. The IERC was established in 1977 and became IEI in 2011. During his period a wide academic international network was established for the Center/Institute through research, curricula, training and academic forums. Abdullah is a member in some boards of directors of academic institutions and journals nationally and internationally. He graduated from Leicester University – UK with a PhD in economics and a dissertation on External Debt in Arab Counties. He graduated from University of Colorado – USA with MA in Economics, with concentration on economic development & international finance. Abdullah taught at Leicester University and he is teaching now at King Abdulaziz University (KAU). He teaches quantitative courses, international finance, health finance, economic theory and Islamic financial institutions. Dr. Abdullah presented papers and talks in Islamic economic and finance at several conferences and seminars. In 2012 he participated in organizing a workshop on Islamic Finance at Cambridge University, which resulted a 3 volume book in 2015.

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