U: Postcolonialism and Legacies of Empire

Network U: Postcolonialism and Legacies of Empire

This network is devoted to engaging the connections between imperialism, colonialism, racism, slavery, and capitalist expansion and global socio-economic development. While critical theories of development have existed for decades, from anti-colonial political economy and dependency/world-systems traditions, and continuing through the “post development” approaches manifested in the work of Escobar (1984) and Ferguson (1990) among others, newer “decolonial”, “postcolonial” and “Southern” approaches have emerged in their wake. These paradigms have surfaced in a variety of fields, including political economy of development, comparative-historical sociology, social theory, political theory, anthropology and comparative politics. Together they make explicit the Eurocentric, imperial/colonial and often racialized bases of Northern social science and seek critical alternatives, either by reconstructing historical narratives as “entangled” and “connected” or by critically deploying the knowledge, concepts and theories of postcolonial/Southern thinkers and social movements. This network brings together scholars from a range of disciplines to take stock of these recent critical turns and their implications for the study of development. The network welcomes theoretical, programmatic, or empirical papers that engages such questions as racial capitalism, postcolonial theories, imperialism, colonialism, racialization and racism, subaltern resistance, imperial epistemes and epistemic inequalities, and decolonial knowledges, practices, and methods of research.