T: Health

Network T: Health

The health of individuals and communities is produced in many ways by socioeconomic structures and processes. This interdisciplinary network examines health from the perspective of socioeconomics, with particular attention to issues around inequality and inequity that shape the ability of patients to access healthcare and medicines. Our network focuses on four interrelated substantive and theoretical areas:

  1. Political Economy, Socioeconomics, and the Production of Health: Examining the economic sociology and political economy of medicine, such as state- or firm-led development of new drugs, social entrepreneurial strategies, innovations and/or policies supporting positive health outcomes.
  2. Health Equality and Equity: Investigating the problématiques of health, including such structural and fundamental causes of poor health as socioeconomic status in shaping health disparities and outcomes; and potential private and/or public sector solutions.
  3. Organizing and the Organization of Health: Analyzing markets for drugs, medicines, and medical devices, patient-physician relationships and health intermediaries, management of healthcare systems, and role of patient activists, among others.
  4. Pricing and Valuation of Health: Exploring issues around values and valuation in health and health products (e.g., pharmaceuticals and treatments), quality of care, pricing of health products, and the contested politics of medical expertise.