Kitaoji Otagi Restaurant

After receiving his training at a number of renowned restaurants such as Wakuden and Toriimoto, the owner, Kazuaki Baba, chose his local neighborhood in the Kitaoji area of Kyoto to open his own restaurant. He chose the old name of the area, “Otagi,” for his new restaurant’s name. “I would like to cherish the local feeling more than the Kyoto brand,” he says. “Every morning, I go around visiting my friends’ farms.” All the fresh vegetables from the local farms in Takagamine and Gentaku are cooked with care and love. His culinary choices offer not only pure Japanese dishes but also include Chinese and Western such as mapo tofu (spicy Chinese style tofu) and beef stew. However the course style dishes he offers still retain their Japanese essence using his unique techniques and sense. Ceramics made by potters selected by the owners are also a highlight of the restaurant.

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