Kinobu Restaurant

“We are dedicated to making sure our guests experience the charming, natural, and generous nature of Kinobu.”

Kinobu is located on Shinmachi Street, also known as one of Kyoto’s kimono fabric merchant streets. Since 1935, Kinobu has satisfied and been favored by many wealthy gourmets in the area. Seasonal specialties are served as a fine course of Kyoto style kaiseki in an elegant ambience.

The present chef is Kinobu’s third generation owner, Takuji Takahashi. While respecting the traditions of Kyoto cuisine, Takahashi tries new ideas following his inspiration. One of his original dishes is sesame tofu with shark fin. He is also a senior sommelier who can expertly introduce the best wine choice for a diner’s course. As Kinobu started as a catering restaurant, they still offer takeaway packed meals, which are very popular and convenient for enjoying while walking around Kyoto in spring and autumn. (Via Kyoto Guide)

Address: 416 Iwatoyama-cho, Bukkoji Sagaru, Shinmachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto