November 16-18, 2017
Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)

2017 – Cartagena de Indias

Society, Culture, and Sustainable Development in Ibero-America
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III Ibero-American Socioeconomics Meeting (III ISEM-SASE)

The question of development has been central to the Ibero-American debate concerning the relationship between economy and society. The current discussion of its different definitions have taken a definite turn in the bend due to their scope to other spheres rather than just economic growth, a concept to which it has been confined almost exclusively for several decades .

Despite the initial confusion between its fundamental goals and the means of achieving them, the concept of development has evolved significantly from its beginnings, when it focused on material growth, through paradigms of human and sustainable development. The concentration on extra-personal indicators such as income, wealth, and GDP mistakenly considered these means of attaining development as its goal. The ultimate goal of development, however, concerns the quality of life, how people feel about themselves, what they desire to be and to do. The pursuit of a better life, according to Amartya Sen, consists in freedom and reasons to celebrate. Indeed, one must be free in order to be able to have a good life.

As such, new approaches to development allow us to understand man and society as part of a complex global system. As a part of specific contexts, it is thus necessary to consider the relationships between the different components of development as well as how the concepts of quality of life and individual well-being relate to it at both aggregate and local levels.

Despite theoretical advances in the conceptualization of development in its broader sense, however, many Ibero-American countries continue to subscribe to a model of development based on the exploitation of natural resources. This approach generates significant negative externalities on the environment and human health, restricting both people’s freedom and their capabilities. This model based on the exploitation of natural resources and raw materials is unsustainable and constitutes a major constraint to human development. Thus, there is a need for change that will enable our society to reconcile the structures of production with the theoretical advances that allow for a sustainable future. Some fields, such as ecology, anthropology, and sociology, have made significant contributions to the concept of development and to the valuation of cultural, environmental, and natural assets, lending weight and demonstrating the pertinence of the enjoyment of nature and its preservation, the understanding of the culture of a given territory, the lifestyles of local populations, and justice in the recognition of people’s rights.

The III RISE will thus be brought to incorporate discussions about development in the framework of the pursuit of more balanced, just, and sustainable societies. The event will provide a space for reflection on the economic growth of nations and its relationship to human well-being and the environment; it will also provide an occasion to analyze its relevance, incidence, and social scope in a sustainable development context.

Academic Areas of Discussion (Networks)
  1. The State of the Art in Socio-Economics
  2. Globalization and Human Development
  3. Environmental Governance, Social Movements, and Developmentli>
  4. Regulation, Supervision, and the Financial System
  5. Demographic Horizon, Labor Relations, and Well-Being
  6. Sustainable Development, Climate Change, and Environmental Balance
  7. Culture, Development, and Creative Economy
  8. Insularity, Sovereignty, and Territorial Dynamics
  9. Peace, Post-Conflict, and Democracy
  10. Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness, and Development
  11. Tourism and Development
  12. Regional and Urban Development
Abstract Submissions
  1. It is possible to submit in two different categories: Individual Papers and Sessions.
  2. To submit an individual paper, you must include an abstract. Abstracts for submissions to regular networks should be no longer than 500 words. All submissions need to include 3 key words.
  3. To submit a session, you must include both an overall abstract for the session and abstracts for each of the 3-4 paper abstracts composing the session. The same word length applies to papers within sessions as does to individual paper submissions.
  4. The abstract shall contain:
  • Objective(s)
  • Methodology
  • Main findings
  • References
  • Names, emails, and academic status of all authors
  • Under 500 words
  • Papers must be submitted in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.
  1. Indicate in which academic area the document is being submitted (Network 1 through 12).
  2. Send submission to: or upload at:


Important Dates
Opening term to receive abstracts
Closing date to receive abstracts
Communication of selection process
III RISE Opening Day
III RISE Final Day


Publications of the III RISE in Peer-Reviewed Journals

The III RISE offers the opportunity to publish the best presentations from the meeting in peer-reviewed journals. Authors interested in publication should send their full paper before 20 December 2017 and must comply with the guidelines for evaluation and publication of each journal. The requirements to participate are:

  1. Submit an abstract for the III RISE during the submission period
  2. Author must register for the III RISE and all submission co-authors must be SASE members
  3. Paper must be presented at the III RISE conference
  4. Full paper must be sent in before 20 December 2017
Scientific and Organizing Committee

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Participating Organizations

With special thanks to the participating organizations of this years Ibero-American Socioeconomics Meeting (III ISEM-SASE).

For any further information please contact



Featured Speakers

Find out more about the exceptional scholars giving featured talks at this year’s regional meeting in Cartagena.

Alberto Abello Vives
Read more
María Ángeles Duran
Read more
Michael Piore
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Eduardo Posada-Carbó
Read more
Josep Borrell
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Click Here for the SASE/Cartagena 2017 Preliminary Program.

At-A-Glance Calendar


November 16th

Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar (UTB)
Campus Casa Lemaitre-Calle del Bouquet
Cra.21 #25-92, barrio Manga

Centro de Formación de la
Cooperación Española (CFCE)
Cra. 3 #274, barrio Centro

  •  7:30am-3:00pm Registration (UTB)
  •  8:00am-9:30am Parallel sessions/panels 1 (UTB)
  •  9:30am-11:00am Parallel sessions/panels 2 (UTB)
  •  11:00am -11:30am Coffe break
  •  11:30am – 1:00pm Conference 1: Eduardo Posada Carbó – Latin American Centre – Universidad de Oxford (UTB)
  •  1:00pm-2:30pm Opening ceremony and Welcome Lunch (UTB)
  •  2:30pm-3:45pm Parallel sessions/panels 3 (UTB)
  •  5:00pm -5.30pm Presentation of Editorial Project 1 (Investigación Económica, UNAM, México) (CFCE)
  • 5.30pm – 6:30pm Conference 2: Michael Piore – MIT (CFCE)


November 17th

Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar (UTB)
Campus Casa Lemaitre-Calle del Bouquet
Cra.21 #25-92, barrio Manga

Centro de Formación de la
Cooperación Española (CFCE)
Cra. 3 #274, barrio Centro

  •  8:00am-12:00pm Registration (UTB)
  •  8:00am -9:30am Parallel sessions/panels 4 (UTB)
  •  9:30am – 11:00am Parallel sessions/panels 5 (UTB)
  •  11:00am-11.30am Coffe Break
  •  11:30am-:00pm Parallel sessions/panels 6 (UTB)
  •  1:00pm-2:00pm Lunch
  •  2:30pm-3:30pm Conference 3: María de los Ángeles Durán – The Spanish National Research Council CSIC (CFCE)
  •  3:30pm-4:00pm Presentation of Editorial Project 2 (Cuadernos de Desarrollo Rural, U. Javeriana, Colombia)
  •  4:00pm-5:00pm Conference 4: Josep Borrell – Full Professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and President of the European Parliament (CFCE)
  •  5:00pm-6:00pm Cultural Exhibition – Tambores de Cabildo- Cocktail (CFCE)


November 18th

Universidad de Cartagena (UdeC)
Claustro de San Agustín
Cra. 6 #36, barrio Centro

  •  07:30am-10:00am Registration
  •  07:30am-9:00am Parallel sessions/panels 7
  •  09:00am-10:30am Parallel sessions/panels 8
  •  10:30am-11:00am Coffe Break
  •  11:00am-12:00pm Conference 5 – Alberto Abello Vives – Director at Luis Ángel Durango Library
  •  12:00pm-12:30pm Closing Ceremony
  •  12:30pm-1:30pm Farewell Cocktail


We are happy to announce that the full papers selected for the third edition of the RISE-SASE conference will be proposed for publication in collaborating journals.

Paper publication is not guaranteed, but will be subject to acceptance by the corresponding journal once the required criteria have been met.

The articles to be sent to collaborating journals will be selected from the texts received by the III RISE Local Committee before 20 December 2017. Authors will be advised which journal their paper should be sent to and the Local Commitee will send a letter to the given journal’s editors stating that it has been selected for a publication proposal.

The journals collaborating in this initiative are, to-date, as follows:



Currently, the city is stage for important cultural events of international regards such as the International Film Festival, Hay Festival, and International Music Festival among others. Due to this, the city has transformed into an excellent place to host international academic events.

Cartagena de Indias is located on the Colombian Caribbean Coast. In 1984, it was declared a historical World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. In addition, Cartagena is one of the most beautiful cities in America. The marine breeze and mystical sunsets that transform the colors of the facade of 400 year old houses enchant the visitors of the magical city. It is this city full of colonial treasures that was founded in 1533 by Pedro de Heredia that still preserves the colonial style architecture and the most complete collection of fortifications of South America.

“Me bastó dar un paso dentro de la muralla, para verla en toda su grandeza a la luz malva de las seis de la tarde y no pude reprimir el sentimiento de haber vuelto a nacer”. -Gabriel García Marquez



La Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar (UTB for its initials in Spanish) is a private nonprofit institution founded in 1970 in Cartagena. Until now it has been directed by the main business associations in the city. The UTB was the first university in the city to receive the High Quality Accreditation, which is the most important recognition given by the Colombian Education Ministry.

The UTB academic offer includes: 18 undergraduate programs, 21 specializations, 20 master’s degrees and one doctoral degree. The university is organized in six faculties: Engineering, Business and Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities, Physical Sciences, Education and Techniques and Technologies.

The university has 6,000 students in the undergraduate programs and more than 13,000 alumni. With 46 years of experience, UTB has become an institution whose staff features researchers and entrepreneurial vocation. They have come together for this academically responsible project that contributes to the whole region’s quality of life. Social, humane and entrepreneurial development is our priority and our mission. As a result, the instruction, investigative, and extension efforts align with the purpose of generating a social impact.






Cartagena Caribe 
Mapa Cartagena Hilton Cartagena
Avenida Almirante Brion, El Laguito
+57 (5) 6948000

Charleston Cartagena Hotel Santa Teresa
Carrera 3 # 31-23 Centro Plaza de Santa Teresa
+57 (5) 6649494 / 6649547

Hotel Las Américas Torre del Mar
Anillo vial, sector Cielo Mar
+57 (5) 6723344 / +57 (5) 693 0592

San Lázaro Art Lifestyle Hotel
Barrio El Espinal- Frente al Castillo de San Felipe Carrera 15 #31-110
+57 (5) 6475000

Atlantic Lux Hotel
Avenida San Martín No. 8-20, Bocagrande
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Hotel Caribe
Carrera 1 # 2-87, Bocagrande
+57 (5) 6501160

Hampton by Hilton Cartagena
Calle 8 Avenida San Martin, Bocagrande
+57 (5) 6945000

Hotel Casa San Agustín
Centro, Calle de la Universidad No. 36 – 44
+57 (5) 681 0000

Sofitel Legend Santa Clara
Calle del Torno 39-29 Barrio San Diego
+57 (5) 6504700

Hotel Almirante Cartagena
Bocagrande, Avenida San Martín, Calle 6 esquina
+57 (5) 665 8811 Ext. 5100 – 5146

Hotel Dann Cartagena
Calle 1A # 1-60 El Laguito
+57 (5) 6650000 – 6650510

Hotel Capilla del Mar
Cra 1 No. 8 -12, Bocagrande
+57 (5) 6501500

Corales de Indias
Carrera 1 No 62- 198, Crespo
+57 (5) 6810500

Movich Hotels
Centro Histórico, Calle de Vélez Danies No. 4 – 39
+57 (5) 664 2995

Aguamarina Hotel Boutique
Calle Sto. Domingo 33-16
+57 (5) 6640797

Anandá Hotel Boutique
Calle del Cuartel # 36-77
+57 305 4159590

Sonesta Hotel
Carrera 9 # 35-104 Anillo Vial, Zona Norte
+57 (5) 6535656

Allure Chocolat Hotel By Karisma Hotels & Resorts
Calle del Arsenal, Calle 24 # 8B-58
+57 (5) 660 5831

Calle de La Tablada #7-62, San Diego
+57 (5) 6643362

Tcherassi Hotel Spa
Calle Plaza Fernández de Madrid, Cl. 38 #6-21
+57 (5) 6517050

Cartagena Plaza
Bocagrande Cra 1ra No 6-154
+57 (5) 6654-000

Armeria Real
Calle del Pedregal No 25-28, Getsemaní
+57 (5) 651 74 60

Hotel IBIS Cartagena
Avenida Santander #4890 # 47- 47
+57 5 6932424

Alfiz Hotel Boutique
Calle Cochera Del Gobernador 3, Centro Histórico
+57 (5) 6600006

San Pedro Hotel Spa
Calle San Pedro Mártir #10-85
+57 (5) 664 5800

Casa Pestagua Hotel Boutique
Calle de Santo Domingo # 33-63
+57 (5) 664 9510

Bastion Luxury Hotel
Calle del Sargento Mayor No. 6 – 87
+57 (5) 6424100




Marea by Rausch
Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias
+57 (5) 654 4205

El Gobernador by Rausch
Calle del Sargento Mayor #6 – 68‎
+57 (5) 642 4100

Zona – Centro Amurallado Calle Baloco Nº 2-69
+57 (5) 6641300

Calle Plaza Fernández de Madrid, Cl. 38 #6-21
+57 (5) 6644445

La Girolata
Calle No 36-86, Playa de la Artilleria
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La Perla
Centro, Calle de Ayos #4-42
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Restaurante 1621
Sofitel Legend Santa Clara
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Don Juan
Calle del Colegio # 34-60 Local 1
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Agua de Mar Tapas Gourmet & Gin Bar
Centro, Calle del Santísimo #8-15
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Brujas de Cartagena
Playa de la Artilliera #36-38, Cartagena
+57 (5) 6604772

La Cocina de Pepina
Barrio Getsemaní Callejón Vargas Numero 9A – 06
+57 3008565189

El Burlador de Sevilla
Carrera 3 # 33-88, Calle Santo Domingo
+57 (5) 6600866

Di Silvio Trattoria
Centro Histórico Cl. 29 #9A-08
+57 (5) 6602205

Demente Tapas Bar
Centro Histórico Cl. 39 #7 14
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La Cevichería
Cl. 39 #7 14
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CoCo Club Social
Calle Gastelbondo No 02-124 Local 8
+57 (5) 6602740

La Mulata
Calle Quero #9 – 58 San diego
+57 (5) 6646222

Perú Fusión
Centro Histórico Cl. 35 #4
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Restaurante 241
Centro Histórico Tv. 54 #41
+57 (5) 6670791

Club de Pesca
Avenida Miramar, Barrio Manga
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De Oliva
Cra. 17 #24-116, Barrio Manga
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Restaurante Árabe Internacional
Cra. 3#8-83, Bocagrande
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Chico y Rita
Calle 2da de Badillo #36-96
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Juan del Mar Pizzería Gourmet
Calle Plaza de San diego, Cl. 39 #38-18
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Carmen Cartagena
Calle 38 # 8-19, Calle del Santísimo
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Calle de la Artillería No 33-24
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Calle del colegio No. 34-64 Local 2
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Red Knife Parrilla de Autor
Calle Larga No 8B-58
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La Bruschetta
Centro Calle del Curato No 38 – 135
+57 (5) 6600016

La Tinaja
Carrera 10 No. 10 – 36
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Plaza Majagua
Parque Fernández Madrid, Calle de la Tablada No. 7-12
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Bacco Trattoria
Calle Quero #9-14
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Calle Estanco del Tabaco, No. 35-30
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El Kilo
Calle 2 de Badillo #36-51
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Calle de Ayos, Cra 4 No. 34-37
+57 (5) 6606204

Calle Nuestra Señora del Carmen #33-41
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La Diva
Calle Ricaurte 31-38, Centro Histórico
+57 3218587424

Donde Olano
Calle Santo Domingo No 33-81
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Señor Toro
Calle Santo Domingo Cra 3 No. 35-55
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El Bistro
Calle de Ayos No 4-46
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Oh La La
Barrio Getsemaní Calle de Ayos Cr 5 No 4-48
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La Vitrola
Calle Baloco No 33-201
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