2021 SER Prize

The SER Best Paper Prize committee (Jeanne Lazarus [chair],  Elizabeth Gorman, and Aldo Madariaga) considered all the reviewed papers for the 2020 issues of Socio-Economic Review, including symposia papers, but not state of the art, discussion or review forum papers.  The committee looked for papers that: 1) addressed substantive questions and issues that have far reaching implications and are of interest to a broad range of SER readers; 2) clearly and effectively engaged prior theory and research; 3) used state of the art research methods to analyze new or existing data sets in ways that either brought important new phenomena to light or substantially revised existing understanding of socio-economic facts, trends or relationships; and 4) were written with clarity, fluidity and readability.

The committee is delighted to announce the winning paper for the 13th annual prize for the best submitted article published in the previous year:


The Financialization of Policy Preferences: Financial Asset Ownership, Regulation and Crisis Management” (Socio-Economic Review 18(3): 655–680), by Stefano PagliariLauren M. Phillips, and Kevin L. Young