2020 ECW

Workshop Participants

Milan BabicUniversity of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Foreign State Investment and Geoeconomic Competition: Mapping the Consequences of the Rise of Transnational State Capital
Mini-Conference: State Capitalism and State-led Development in the 21st century: China and Beyond – Session TH14-05

Benjamin BradlowBrown University, USA
Embeddedness and Cohesion: Regimes of Urban Public Goods Distribution
Network B: Globalization and Socio-Economic Development – Session B-01

Gabriela CamachoHumbold University, Germany
Two Roads of Neoliberal Reform in Higher Education: Chile and Peru in Comparative Perspective
Network B: Globalization and Socio-Economic Development – Session B-01

Cyrus DiounUniversity of Colorado – Denver, USA
When It’s Good to Be Bad: Rewarding Deviance in Washington’s Marijuana Market
Network H: Markets, Firms and Institutions – Session H-16 

Daniel DriscollUniversity of California – San Diego, USA
The Socio-Political Foundations of Carbon Price Enactment in Twenty Wealthy Democracies
Mini-Conference: Green Economy Contradictions – Session TH10-03

Aaron HorvathStanford University, USA
From Accounting to Accountability: Organizational Supererogation and the Transformation of Charitable Disclosure
Network N: Finance and Society – Session N-08

Agata KapturkiewiczUniversity of Oxford, UK
Varieties of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Comparative Study of Enacted Measures in Tokyo and Bangalore
Network F: Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation – Session F-06

Wan-Zi LuUniversity of Chicago, USA
Political Impetus for Institutional Complementarities: Comparing the Institutionalization of Kidney Donation in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
Network Q: Asian Capitalisms – Session Q-01

Erez MaggorNew York University, USA
Overcoming the ‘Spillover Problem’: The Politics of Innovation Policy Under Economic Globalization
Mini-Conference: State Capitalism and State-led Development in the 21st century: China and Beyond – Session TH14-06

Sophie MoullinPrinceton University, USA
Culture at Work: Self-Entrepreneurialism and Earnings Inequality in the United States, 1995-2014
Network G: Labor Markets, Education, and Human Resources – Session G-02

Stefan NorgaardColumbia University, USA
Capitalization and Its Discontents: The Political Economy of Development in Ethiopia’s Gibe III Dam and NESTown Initiative
Network B: Globalization and Socio-Economic Development – Session B-05

Signe PredmoreUniversity of Massachusetts – Amherst, USA
Finance and Development Logics: Gender Mainstreaming from Global South to North
Network D: Professions and Professionals in a Globalizing World – Session D-03

Godofredo Ramizo Jr.University of Oxford, UK
Platforms, Algorithms and User Agency: How User Strategies Reshape the Rules of Digital Platforms
Network J: Digital Economy – Session J-08

Gabor ScheiringBocconi University, Italy
Varieties of Dependency, Varieties of Illiberalism: A Comparative Political Economy of the Crisis of Democracy in East-Central Europe
Network B: Globalization and Socio-Economic Development – Session B-07

Padmavathi ShenoyIndian Institute of Management Trichy, India
Changing the Rules of the Game While Playing: Process of Logic Hybridization in Community Ophthalmology Field
Network H: Markets, Firms, and Institutions – Session H-05

Matthew SoenerThe New School for Social Research, USA
Did the “Real” Economy Turn Financial? Mapping the Global Contours of Corporate Financialization in the Non-Financial Sector

Mao SuzukiUniversity of Southern California, USA
Deciding Modalities of Global Health Governance: What Facilitates or Hinders Public-Private Partnerships?
Mini-Conference: Regulation, Innovation, and Valuation in Markets for Health and Medicines – Session TH13-04

Arianna TassinariEuropean University Institute, Italy
Reassuring the Markets: The Politics of Social Concertation in Acute Crisis Times
E: Political Economy of Industrial Relations and Welfare States – Session E-05

Nora WaitkusLondon School of Economics, UK
Wealth Inequality Regimes. Towards a Typology of Cross-National Differences in Wealth and Inequality
Mini-Conference: Mind the Wealth Gap? Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Accumulation, Justification, and (Re)Distribution of Wealth – Session TH11-01

Ayca ZayimMount Holyoke College, USA
Inside the Black Box: Credibility and the Situational Power of Central Banks
Network N: Finance and Society – Session N-12

Yang ZhengCity University of Hong Kong, China
Discourse Interaction in Chinese Urban Communities: Expressed Disenchantment and Disenchanted Conformance
Network A: Development, Identities, and Communitarian Ideals – Session A-02

Na ZouGoethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Social Networks and Micro-Entrepreneurship: The Role of Resource Variety and Resource Balance
Network Q: Asian Capitalisms – Session Q-08