2019 ECW

Workshop Participants

Laura AdlerHarvard University, Cambridge MA
What’s a Job Candidate Worth? Pay-Setting and Gender Inequality after the “Salary History Ban”
Network G: Labor Markets, Education, and Human Resources

Guillermina AltomonteThe New School for Social Research, New York NY
From Nursing Home to “Community:” New Institutional Ecologies of Elder Care in the United States
Network C: Gender, Work and Family

Melike ArslanNorthwestern University, Chicago IL
Why Does the Doing Business Project Conflate the Performance and the Quality of Law?
Network L: Regulation and Governance

Alvin CambaJohns Hopkins University, Baltimore City MD
Reexamining China and South-South Relations: Chinese State-Backed and Flexible Private Capitals in the Philippines
Network Q: Asian Capitalisms

Edward CrowleyNew York University, New York City NY
Linking Austerity and Nationalism in Right-Wing Populism: A Cross-National Analysis of Western Democracies
Network E: Political Economy of Industrial Relations and Welfare States 

Gina di MaioUniversity of St. Gallen, St. Gallen Switzerland
Trajectories of Liberalization in Collective Governance: The Swiss Case of Polite Employer Domination and Embedded Flexibilization
Network E: Political Economy of Industrial Relations and Welfare States 

Kira Gartzou-KatsouyanniEuropean Institute, London School of Economics (LSE), London United Kingdom
Cooperation Against the Odds: Developing Trust in the Greek Agri-Food and Tourism Sectors
Network E: Political Economy of Industrial Relations and Welfare States

Lena GronbachUniversity of Cape Town, Cape Town South Africa
Social Cash Transfers and (Digital) Financial Inclusion in South Africa
Network J: Digital Economy

Gozde GuranPrinceton University, Princeton NJ
The Price of Illegality: Legal Regimes and Multiple Monies in Syrian Hawala Networks
Network N: Finance and Society

Adam HayesUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison WI
The Active Construction of Passive Investors: Roboadvisors and Algorithmic “Low-Finance”
Network J: Digital Economy

Carla Ilten, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago IL
The Iron Cage Has a Mezzanine: Alternative Organizations and the Selection of Isomorphic Pressures Via Meta-Organization
Network I: Alternatives to Capitalism

Nils KupzokThe Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD
Varieties of Neoliberalism in US Climate Politics
Network H: Markets, Firms and Institutions

Sean O’BradyUniversité de Montréal, Montreal QC Canada
Partnering Against Insecurity? a Comparison of Markets, Institutions, and Worker Risk in Canadian and Swedish Retail
Network K: Institutional Experimentation in the Regulation of Work and Employment

Johannes PetryUniversity of Warwick, Coventry United Kingdom
Financialisation with Chinese Characteristics? State Capitalism, Exchanges & the Development of Capital Markets in China
Network Q: Asian Capitalisms

Steven RolfUniversity of Bristol, Bristol United Kingdom
National Development through (regional) Global Production Networks: The Case of Dongguan, China
Network O: Global Value Chains

Tim RosenkranzThe New School for Social Research, New York NY
Circuits of Commodification: Imagination and Evaluation in National Destination Marketing
Network B: Globalization and Socio-Economic Development

Ellie SuhLondon School of Economics and Political Science, London United Kingdom
Young British Adults’ Homeownership Circumstances and the Role of Intergenerational Transfers
Network C: Gender, Work and Family

Yixian SunYale University, New Haven CT
Fertile Ground without Seeds
Network O: Global Value Chains

Arjen van der HeideUniversity of Edinburgh, Edinburgh United Kingdom
Finitism, Rule Following and the Sociology of European Insurance Capital Regulation
Network L: Regulation and Governance

Hannah WohlUniversity of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara CA
Performing Aesthetic Confidence: How Connoisseurs Maintain Status in Cultural Markets
Network H: Markets, Firms and Institutions