SASE 29th Annual Meeting Award Winners

SASE extends warms congratulations to all of our awards winners from our 29th annual meeting in Lyon, France. Please see our full list of those who were honoured at our award ceremony at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

2017 EHESS / Fondation France-Japon Best Paper Award

The EHESS/Fondation France-Japan Best Paper Award is a prize for a paper submitted to Network Q: Asian Capitalisms. The prizewinners will receive 1,000€ thanks to the great generosity of the Banque de France. 


Sijeong Lim & Brian Burgoon, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Globalization and Support for Unemployment Spending in Asia: Do Asian Citizens Want to Embed Liberalism?

Session Q-11

Many thanks to Sebastien Lechevalier and Gary Herrigel for their work on the EHESS/Fondation France-Japon Network Q prize committee


(Sijeong Lim collecting her award)

2017 Socio-Economic Review Best Paper Prize

The SER Best Paper Prize committee (Marc Schneiberg [chair], Alya Guseva, and Isabelle Ferreras) considered all the reviewed papers for the four 2016 volumes, including symposia papers, but not state of the art, discussion or review forum papers.  The committee looked for papers that: 1) addressed substantive questions and issues that have far reaching implications and are of interest to a broad range of SER readers; 2) clearly and effectively engaged prior theory and research; and 3) used state of the art research methods to analyze new or existing data sets in ways that either brought important new phenomena to light or substantially revised existing understanding of socio-economic facts, trends or relationships.


The committee is delighted to announce the two winning papers of the ninth annual prize for the best submitted article published in the previous year: “How the Euro Divides the Union: The Effects of Economic Adjustment on Support for Democracy in Europe” (SER vol. 14, no. 1, p. 1-26), by Klaus Armingeon, Kai Guthmann, and David Weisstanner; and “Making Materiality Matter: A Sociological Analysis of Prices on the Dutch Fiction Book Market, 1980-2009” (SER vol. 14, No. 2, p. 363-381), by Thomas Franssen and Olav Velthuis.

Olav Velthuis

(Olav Velthuis collecting his award)

SASE 2017 Early Career Workshop Award

SASE extends sincere congratulations to the recipients of the 2nd Early Career Workshop. Winners participated in a one-day workshop hosted by senior SASE professors. The workshop provided an opportunity for longer and deeper discussion of applicants’ conference papers, enabling early career researcher networking, and offered sessions on getting published and career development, and an introduction to socio-economics.


Bastian Becker, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Theo Bourgeron, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Paul Carruth, Ohio State University, USA

Muyang Chen, University of Washington, USA

Tim Dorlach, Koç University, Turkey

Susanne Edler, University of Haifa, Israel

Maria Esther Egg, ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich, Switzerland

Katharina Hecht & Kate Summers, London School of Economics, United Kingdom

Alice Krozer, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Huy Le-Quang, Institute for Employment Research, Germany

Sangjoon Lee, Stanford University, USA

Vincenzo Maccarrone, University College Dublin, Ireland

Jonas Nahm, Johns Hopkins SAIS, USA

David Pinzur, University of California, San Diego, USA

John Robinson, Northwestern University, USA

Merve Sancak, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Subrina Xirong Shen, Cornell University, USA

Rosa von Gleichen, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

André Walter, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Mimi Zou, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Special thanks to Chris Warhurst (chair), Jérôme Blanc, Dorothee Bohle, Virginia Doellgast, Neil Fligstein, Mathilde Guergoat-Larivière, Angela Knox, Glenn Morgan, Roberto Pedersini, Valérie Revest, Akos Rona-Tas, and Marc Schneiberg for their tremendous work on the prize committee, for organizing the workshop, and for serving as workshop faculty.

ECW Winners

(All of our Early Career Workshop Winners)