Online Pre-Conference: New Debates in the Sociology of Finance

An online pre-conference at the American Sociological Association titled “New Debates in the Sociology of Finance.” It is scheduled to take place on Friday, August 7, 1:00 to 5:00pm Pacific Daylight Time

The pre-conference brings together leading sociologists of finance who have recently completed books on finance, including Mitch Abolafia, Neil Fligstein, Ken-Hou Lin, Megan Tobias Neely, Christian Borch, Alex Preda, Eric Schwartz, Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra, and Sarah Quinn (and myself). 

There is no cost to attend this virtual event, but registration will be needed. You can register through the ASA link here:


New Debates in the Sociology of Finance


The past two years have witnessed a crop of exceptional monographs in the sociology of finance, with great diversity and theoretical promise. These monographs are marked by the integration of contemporary themes in sociology such as power and inequality with longstanding categories in the sociology of finance such as models and algorithms. Thus, some books have considered how financialization has contributed to inequality, others have examined the political dimension of the bond market, as well as the Federal Reserve. Yet others have integrated the study of ethics with that of financial models, and some have examined how algorithms form crowds. This half-day pre-conference brings together seven book authors with the goal of presenting the core ideas in their monographs, debate their findings, and consider new directions for future research in the sociology of finance.

1:00 Welcome (Daniel Beunza)

1:05 The Macro Perspective (Presider, Alex Preda)
Sarah Quinn, American Bonds: How Credit Markets Shaped a Nation
Mitch Abolafia, Stewards of the Market: How the Federal Reserve Made Sense of the Financial Crisis

2:10 New Challenges (Presider, Alex Preda)
Ken-Hou Lin and Megan Tobias Neely, Divested: Inequality in the Age of Finance
Christian Borch, Social Avalanche: Crowds, Cities and Financial Markets

3:15 Debates at the intersection (Presider, Megan Tobias Neely)
Neil Fligstein, The Banks Did It
Daniel Beunza, Taking the Floor: Models, Morals and Management in a Wall Street Trading Room

4:20 Closing panel: Future monographs and avenues for the sociology of finance? (Presider, Pierre-Christian Fink)
Mitch Abolafia, Daniel Beunza, Neil Fligstein, Ken-Hou Lin, Megan Tobias Neely, Christian Borch, Eric Schwartz, Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra, Sarah Quinn

5:00 End