ECPR 7th Standing Group on Regulatory Governance Biennial Conference

University of Lausanne, Switzerland 4-6 July 2018

Regulation between effectiveness and legitimacy

Call for papers for panel proposal

Food Safety Regulation: recent perspectives and emerging interactions 

Food Safety Regulation is a significant policy challenge, alongside issues of public health, food security, sustainability, and competitiveness. In the European countries, food safety regulation is a complex multi-level system of interactions between institutions – both public and private, national and European – and individuals – citizens and consumers. Being attentive to the weakening or the strengthening of these actors and to the emerging ones should be continuously fostered. In fact, Food Safety Regulation is particularly relevant due to the impact it exerts on public health of citizens, and several actors pressure for less or more regulation, taking part in the regulatory process. Considering that the very last years have seen new food safety issues emerging, do we observe new actors exerting greater influence on regulation? If so, what roles do they play in the complex system of food safety governance, how do they interact with existing actors and which outcomes are produced by their interactions? As to institutional settings, do we observe emerging issues in the process (i.e. how regulation is developed, policy formulated, implemented and enforced) and / or in the outcomes (i.e. effectiveness of regulation in achieving its objectives)? Having regard to the state of the art of the most recent trends is necessary to observe possible deficiencies.

This panel aims to collect contributions on these questions from multidisciplinary perspectives towards food safety regulation, both from theoretical and methodological perspectives. We want to draw attention to food safety regulation as object of inquiry to shed the light on the most influential and maybe unexpected policy actors within the complex system of interactions and institutional designs, from a comparative perspective, particularly across European countries.

Hence, the panel is open to a range of topics and themes as:

– European food safety regulation: emerging institutions and interactions at the EU level

– Policy formulation and policy implementation within EU member state: emerging designs, actors, and interactions

You can send a proposal to Giulia Bazzan ( and to Edoardo Guaschino ( by November 20. For any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are really looking forward receiving your proposals!


Giulia Bazzan and Edoardo Guaschino