Call for Papers: 7th AOM Professional Development Workshop

7th AOM Professional Development Workshop: “Trust between Individuals and Organizations.”

Saturday, Aug 10 2019, 11:30AM – 1:30PM, at Boston Hynes Convention Center / 204

Organizers: Bart De Jong, Oliver Schilke

The workshop consists of three segments:

(1) Panel discussion. This year’s focal topic is “conceptual extensions of trust;”

(2) Roundtable discussions around trust;

(3) Paper development workshop (optional). The facilitators provide in-depth feedback on work-in-progress trust research previously submitted by workshop participants.

To pre-register, please go to and enter in the requested information, including whether you wish to only participate in the first two segments, or also in the third (paper development) segment. The latter will require you to upload a paper of your project-in-progress. Deadline for pre-registration July 27, 2019.