Moral Economies, Economic Moralities

Moral Economies, Economic Moralities

University of California - Berkeley
June 24-26, 2016

Travel Grants and Student Stipends

Each year at its annual conference, SASE has awarded up to ten prizes for academic excellence to students and established scholars who apply for these prizes during the general conference submissions process (see guidelines below).

  • Student Stipends of $500 each are awarded to the best full papers submitted by students for presentation at the SASE annual conference. Anyone who is a student at the time his or her application is made is eligible for this award.
  • Travel grants of $500 each are awarded to the best full papers submitted by applicants demonstrating financial need.

Additionally, the EHESS Fondation France-Japon will be underwriting prizes to encourage the participation of Asian scholars in the SASE annual conference through Network Q. Please contact network organizers for more details.

Application guidelines:

Applications for these prizes are to be made through the SASE submissions system (to apply, simply submit to the network or mini-conference of your choice and check the appropriate box when making your submission). To be eligible for consideration by the prize committee, you must upload a full and final draft of your paper by January 15, 2012.  Eligibility for Travel Grants is restricted to residents of non-OECD/World Bank high income countries. Among Student Stipend paper submissions of equal excellence, preference will be given to applicants from outside OECD/World Bank high income countries and, for the Fondation France-Japon prizes, to applicants from Asia.

The prize committee shall determine the proportion of student stipends and travel grants based on the academic caliber of the papers in the submission pool.

The award committee will notify applicants by April 2, 2012.