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SuAVE is SASE’s very own exclusive membership database featuring all of our registered academics. 

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Members can control the information SuAVE can access through their password protected SASE profile page.

You can use the SASE SuAVE Membership Database or Travel plan search now, or see further down the page for an FAQ of how you can use SuAVE and a visual demonstration of the database.




What is SuAVE?

SuAVE is SASE’s very own exclusive membership database featuring all of our registered academics. It can be used to search for scholars based on their location, research interests, discipline of PhD, and many other criteria.

What can I do with SuAVE?

With SuAVE you can explore distributions of SASE members by any characteristic available in the membership database.

Our members can be filtered by country, city, gender, university, position, department, discipline of PhD, and research network interests.

Within individual profiles you can see a user's photograph, biography, and contact details (if supplied)

How can SuAVE be used?

SuAVE has many practical applications including (but not limited to):

  • Finding scholars with similar research interests for collaborations.
  • Searching for academics based in a certain area or at a particular university ahead of a conference.
  • Organizing regional meetings with local members.
How do I edit my own profile?

When logged in to your SASE account, go to 'My Account' in the top navigation bar

My Account

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact if you have any problems or questions.



I want to find information about specific member.

Start typing any part of the member’s name in the “Search Values” box inside the “Name” facet, then check the name you are interested in.

I want to see how all post-docs from Germany are distributed by discipline of Ph.D.

Check “Germany” under Country, and “Post doctoral research” under Position, then switch to the “bucket” view and select “Discipline of Ph.D” from the drop-down list at top right, to create  a bar chart.

I want to see if there is a significant difference in disciplinary affiliations of members from the UK and from the US.

This can be done in a couple ways. Select US and UK under countries, switch to the crosstab view, and select “Discipline of PHD as the first variable, and Country as the second. Indeed, the chart shows that there are many more members in the US representing Sociology and Anthropology, while in the UK there is a much higher proportion of people from Business, Economics, and Management (see .


Another way is: switch to the bucket view (second icon at the top right), and observe the overall distribution of members by discipline of Ph.D. ( Then select the US (under Country) and observe how the pattern of the distribution changed. To see numeric estimates, mouse over the red boxes with counts of items and percentages, and examine “Contributions” of the filter (Country = US). Notice that being from the US makes it 17% more likely that the member represents sociology (this is the difference between the share of sociologists in the US (118 of 271, or 44%) , and in the entire database (355 of 1339, or 27%). In the same fashion, you can examine “contribution” of “country = US” or “country = UK” to any other disciplines.

How do I change the 'view' of the SuAVE?

There are a few different ways to show the data in SuAVE, you can cycle through these with the options underneath 'About SuAVE'.

Why do I not appear on the SuAVE?

SuAVE only lists full SASE members, which means you have joined SASE and paid your fees for the upcoming conference.

If you have satisfied this criteria then please wait a week, as the system does not automatically update. If you still do not appear then please contact

How can I remove data from SuAVE?

To remove information from SuAVE, simply remove the information you do not want displayed from your profile. If you would like the remove your profile entirely then please send an email to