About SER

Socio-Economic Review is the official journal of SASE founded in 2003 with the aim to encourage work on the relationship between society, economy, institutions and markets, moral commitments and the rational pursuit of self-interest. The peer-reviewed journal seeks articles that focus on economic action in its social and historical context. In broad disciplinary terms, papers are drawn from sociology, political science, economics and the management and policy sciences. Enjoying a 2.207 Impact Factor, the journal encourages papers that seek to recombine disciplinary domains in response to practically relevant issues, while at the same time encouraging the development of new theory. An extended statement of editorial policy can be found here.

For more information regarding SER, please visit http://ser.oxfordjournals.org/


Chief Editor

Gregory Jackson
Freie Universität Berlin
Berlin, Germany


Bruno Amable
Université de Genève
Geneva, Switzerland


Nina Bandelj
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA, USA


Patrick Emmenegger
University of St. Gallen
St. Gallen, Switzerland


Marc Schneiberg

Reed College
Portland, OR, USA


Donald Tomaskovic-Devey,

UMass Amherst
Amherst, MA, USA

SER Editorial Office

Sarah King


Socio-Economic Review: Editorial Board as of January 2015

Christina Ahmadjian Hitotsubashi U
Patrik Aspers Uppsala
Céline Baud Université Laval
Sarah Brooks Ohio State
John Campbell Dartmouth and Copenhagen
Bruce Carruthers Northwestern U
Cheris Shun-ching Chan U of Hong Kong
Gerald F. Davis U of Michigan
Richard Deeg Temple U
Neil Fligstein UC Berkeley
Marion Fourcade UC-Berkeley
Alya Guseva Boston U
Silja Häusermann U Zürich
Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur EHESS, Paris
Chris Howell Oberlin College
Greta R. Krippner, U Michigan
Tali Kristal University of Haifa
Basak Kus Wesleyan University
Hyeok Yong Kwon Korea University
Michèle Lamont Harvard
Richard M. Locke Brown
Leslie McCall Northwestern
Stephanie Lee Mudge UC Davis
Bruno Palier CNRS
Monica Prasad Northwestern
Mari Sako Oxford
Arndt Sorge U Potsdam
Sarah Soule Stanford
David Stark, Columbia
Kathleen Thelen MIT
Joshua Whitford Columbia
Erik Olin Wright UW-Madison


Jens Beckert MPIfG Köln
Robert Boyer CNRS
Bruce Carruthers Northwestern U
Colin Crouch Warwick Business School
Neil Fligstein UC Berkeley
Alex Hicks Emory
Greta Krippner U Michigan
David Marsden LSE
Michael Piore MIT
Kathleen Thelen MIT
Jonathan Zeitlin U Amsterdam

The Editors of Socio-Economic Review have selected, and made free some articles by SASE members.