The Institutional Foundations of Capitalism

The Institutional Foundations of Capitalism

Northwestern University & the University of Chicago
Chicago - USA
July 10-12, 2014

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Economic Sociology and Political Economy

Social Europe Journal



Market Studies

Crooked Timber

Economic Sociology European Website

Observatory for Responsible Innovation

Sigrid Quack - Governance Across Borders

This year's hot topic: some food for thought from SASE member Sigrid Quack's highly pertinent blog, Governance Across Borders, which she edits with Leonhard Dobusch.

Foundation for European Economic Development

Giovanni Dosi, Larry Elliott, Charles Goodhart, Janos Kornai, Stanley Metcalfe, Luigi Pasinetti, Kurt Rothschild, Ulrich Witt

Amitai Etzioni Notes

By SASE's founder

Consider the Evidence, By L. Kenworthy

Socializing Finance, By D. Buenza and Y. Millo