Fifth call for InGRID-2 visiting grants

The second call for transnational access is now available on the InGRID (inclusive growth infrastructure diffusion) website. In this call, visiting grants are offered for 13 of the InGRID research infrastructures: IEPM (Center for Demographic Studies, Barcelona), POLC (TÁRKI, Budapest), SOFI (University of Stockholm), CSB (University of Antwerp), HIVA (KU Leuven), CEET (CNAM, Paris), WageIndicator (CELSI, Bratislava), DSMAE (UNIPI, University of Pisa), S3RI (SOTON, University of Southampton), AIAS (University of Amsterdam), CMIST (University of Man-chester), IRISS (LISER, Luxembourg), and LIS (Luxembourg). These free-of-charge visits can contain between 5 and 15 working days and visitors receive a partial reimbursement of travel costs and a subsistence allowance.
Each of the host institutes has expertise in and access to leading European (comparative) datasets or expertise in working with specialised statistical tech-niques for social sciences research. During a visit users get the opportunity to work together with experts from the host institution on their own project, receive access to, and support and guidance in the use of the data, advice on methodological questions and on the progress of their project. Candidates can apply for a visiting grant through the online application form.
Deadline for applications: 16 December 2018

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