11 fulltime PhD research positions at Erasmus School of Law

One of these PhD vacancies focuses on responsabilizing private actors in governing financial-economic crime: “The role of professional service providers as gatekeepers in governing financial-economic crime” (Project 9). The specific focus of the PhD research is to be determined based on the candidate’s research proposal.

These posts are part of the plan to create a new research community for the research initiative ‘Public and private interests: A new balance’, which will also require two (senior) professors and three postdoctoral positions.

A key aspect of Erasmus School of Law is that research groups work across the boundaries of legal disciplines, applying modern tools of social science research, such as empirical and experimental methods. Within this new research initiative, you will study the role of private actors, in particular businesses, in safeguarding public interests in one of 11 PhD research projects. The research will be conducted within the framework of the nationwide sectoral plan for legal science, in collaboration with our partner therein, the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen.

PhD research projects

Project 1. The interaction between formal and informal risk-handling strategies on the shop floor;

Project 2. Effectiveness of regulatory interventions governing business to enable sustainability and human rights;

Project 3. Classification societies and the public interest;

Project 4. Controlling the market for corporate control; conflicting public and private interest in listed companies;

Project 5. Safeguarding public interests in financial markets;

Project 6. The future of work;

Project 7. The needle in the haystack: international exchange of fiscal information 2.0 in the public and private interest;

Project 8. Responsible partnership with private actors in criminal law enforcement;

Project 9. The role of professional service providers as gatekeepers in governing financial-economic crime;

Project 10. From participation to legitimacy: The new role of civil society in defining public interest;

Project 11: Regulation of autonomous robots in health care.

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