Call for Proposals 2019: LSA Regulatory Governance CRN

The next annual meeting of the Law and Society Association will be held in Washington, May 30 – June 2, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency 

As in previous years, LSA’s Collaborative Research Network (CRN) on Regulatory Governance will be coordinating a number of panels on regulation and governance at the meeting. The CRN on Regulatory Governance focuses on the study of regulatory instruments, institutions, and actors. The network is concerned with how law interacts with economic activity and with the challenges that emerging social trends, such as privatization and globalization, pose for regulatory and administrative institutions.  It examines how traditional as well as emerging regulatory instruments operate in theory and in practice, including approaches such as self-regulation, covenants, management systems, and market-based regulation.  It also explores the behavior, culture, and design of regulatory institutions and actors, with particular attention to the varied demands of accountability, rationality, and legitimacy. The network connects researchers focusing on regulation in domestic and international settings and across a variety of regulatory domains.

All scholars with an interest in regulation and governance are welcome to the CRN’s events. Presenting your paper as part of the CRN’s program tends to mean a better fit for your paper and a larger audience than leaving it to the larger program committee. 

We envisage putting together a full-fledged stream of panels, roundtables, salons and author-meets-reader sessions and other formats (LSA welcomes creativity here) in Washington. We will also try to organize an ‘early career’ panel featuring papers by graduate students and early career researchers (up to 3 years post-PhD). This early career researcher panel/s will involve editors from top journals who will offer advice and encourage submissions to their journals. If you are a graduate student or early career researcher and want to offer a paper for the early career researcher panel/s, please say so when you submit your paper proposal.

We also encourage roundtable or salon proposals on pressing topics that will enable comparative exchanges and discussion such as, for example, on the impact of state political factors, decision-making and policies on research in social sciences broadly, and in regulation specifically, or on regulation, climate change and natural disasters; immigration; among other issues.

We invite you to propose full panels, salons (smaller panels), individual paper proposals that we will arrange into panels, author-meets-readers, or other formats, on any aspect of regulatory governance, for selection. Please note that the LSA is requiring everyone to submit a 100 to 250 word abstract for your paper (see

Please send a title, the 100-250 word abstract, and full contact information for all authors or panel members to Aleksandra Jordanoska and Russ Mills (; by no later than Sunday October 21, 2018. This will give us time to organize CRN panels in advance of the Law & Society Association’s deadline of November 7, 2019. Submitters will be informed within approximately ten days of the CRN deadline as to whether their papers have been selected for CRN panels. Those whose proposals are not selected will still have time to submit directly with LSA for inclusion on the regular conference program.

In the meantime please wait to hear from us before entering your paper and panel proposals on the Law and Society webpage. We will then give you a number to use to enter your papers on the LSA website to make sure they are included as part of the CRN program. Please also note that the LSA rules stipulate that participants are limited to only ONE participation as a paper presenter OR a roundtable participant. You are allowed unlimited participations as a chair or discussant or non-presenting author. Further, please note that the LSA rules have changed as to Author-meets-readers sessions, and these are now limited to 45 minutes, taking place over the lunch hour.