Government Accountability and Oversight CfP

The Center for Government Compliance and Ethics at Rutgers Law is hosting a round-table on Government Accountability and Oversight, and invites academic researchers as well as practitioners to consider participation.
The event seeks to facilitate academic-practitioner dialogue by bringing the two communities together in a round-table format. Participants are invited to submit a paper or presentation topic and a brief abstract/description of the proposed topic (by 12/31/2018). Those papers and presentations that are accepted will be presented at the round-table in June, 2019, where the presenters will provide a brief summary and highlight on the topic they have proposed, and a robust discussion will follow each presentation. Depending on the number and quality of submissions, there may be publications that result from the round-table.
The Center for Governance Compliance and Ethics at Rutgers Law invites those who have interest and experience in the field to consider submission.
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