Transformations of Contemporary Capitalism:<br />
Actors, Institutions, Processes

Transformations of Contemporary Capitalism:
Actors, Institutions, Processes

SASE 23rd Annual Conference
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
June 23-25, 2011

Travel Grant and Graduate Student Stipend Winners

SASE extends warm congratulations to the recipients of this year’s travel grants and graduate student stipends. They were honored at the awards ceremony on Friday, June 24, 2011.

Travel Grants

Jose Santiago Arroyo Mina, Pontificia Universidad Javieriana: “Accesibilidad al régimen contributivo de salud en Colombia: caso de la población rural migrante” and “Qué Ha Pasado con la Discriminación Laboral por Calidad del Empleo en Cali?”

Sherzod Tashpulatov, CERGE-EI: “Analysis of Electricity Industry Liberalization in Great Britain: How Did the Bidding Behavior of Electricity Producers Change?” and “Electricity Industry Liberalization in Great Britain: How Did the Bidding Behavior of Electricity Producers Change?”


Graduate Student Stipends

Ignacio Alvarez, Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales: “Financialization, Capital Accumulation and Wage Growth in the EU-15: The Impact of New Business Strategies”

Carl Gershenson, Harvard University: “What Kind of Problem is International Bribery? Economic Theory and the Regulation of Securities Markets”

Magnus R. E. Gittins, University of Cambridge: “Migrants at the Dovecote: Investigating the Day Labourer Community in Stamford, Connecticut, USA”

Adam Goldstein, University of California, Berkeley: “The Social Ecology of Speculation: Community Context and Non-Occupancy Investment in the U.S. Housing Bubble”

Roi Livne, University of California, Berkeley: “Economies of Dying: The Moral Foundations of U.S. Hospice Care” and “Lost in Translation, Lost in Transactions: Foreign Experts in the US legal system”

Iva Petkova, Columbia University: “Organizational Innovation in Nascent Industries: A Multi - Stakeholder Approach to Creating a Digital Brand in the Fashion Industry"

Sangamitra Ramachander, University of Oxford: “A Framework to Assess Credit Risk in Group Lending with an Application to Rural South India”

Veronica Rubio Vega, Wilfrid Laurier University (Balsillie School of International Affairs): “Worker-Run Factories in Argentina: The Power of Labour in Redirecting Contemporary Globalization”

Special thanks to Lucio Baccaro and Marion Fourcade for their work on the prize committee.